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Managing Stress for Managers Training

Managing Stress for Managers Training 

Managing Stress for Managers Training 


Who should attend? 

Anyone with responsibility for others in the workplace. 

Why you should attend 

This course is designed to raise awareness of how stress affects the well being and performance of staff, managers and the organisation. 

What you will learn 

What is stress, how we can recognise it, what causes it and how we can reduce it; how we can manage it from an organisational point of view 
The course clarifies understanding of stress and the risk implications for both employees and the organisation 
It enables managers to meet their legal responsibilities; to create opportunities for open discussion; to identify problems early to enable remedial action 
It equips managers with practical tools that they can use to prevent stress 
Good stress – bad stress 
Reactions to stress: symptoms and causes  
The impact of bad stress on business 
Being proactive; training needs: 
Time management 
Communication skills 
Support networks – how to provide help 
Recognising stress in others 
Improving the work-life balance; self help, organisational support 
HSE stress management competency tool 
Current legislation – the HSE view 
The risk assessment approach – how to do it, tools and techniques  
Stress risk assessment – what to do with your findings. 


Observation by trainer, completion of activities, participation in group activities 




Contact us for upcoming course dates. 

What does it cost? 

Please contact us for a tailored quotation. 

What's included? 

Certificate, course materials, references and tools, lunch and refreshments 

Course duration 

1 day 

Contact Us 

Please contact us regarding our Managing Stress for Managers Training Course. 

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