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Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Safety Awareness 

Fire Safety Awareness 


Who should attend? 

All fire marshals and anybody with a specific role in the evacuation procedure such as site engineers 

Why you should attend 

Fire Marshalls in particular need to understand how fires can start, what to do to prevent them, the action in the event of fire and the role of fire marshals during an evacuation. 

What you will learn 

The principles and aims of an evacuation 
How fire spreads 
How people react in an emergency 
Understanding your own evacuation procedure, where it might fail and how to manage this 
Debriefing after evacuation 
Recording the results 
General fire safety awareness 
Practical use of fire extinguishers 
You will be confident that you fully understand the evacuation procedure and your role in it 
The most common causes of fire 
Identifying ignition sources 
Identifying combustible materials 
Fire protection systems and how they work  
Fire warning systems and how they work 
Principles of evacuation and how to ensure 100% evacuation  
Your own evacuation procedure in detail 
Behaviour of people in a fire 
Evacuation procedures for special groups 
Type of fire extinguishers and the types of fire they can be effectively used on 
Practical - use of extinguishers 


All delegates are expected to explain their evacuation procedure and take part in 
the practical demonstration of fire fighting equipment 




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What does it cost? 

Please contact us for a tailored quotation 

Course duration 

3 hours including the practical 

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Please contact us regarding our Fire Safety Awareness Course. 

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