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DSE Risk Assessments 

What does the law require? 

If your employees regularly use computers at work then you are required by the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations to assess their workstations and working routine to ensure they are not at risk from repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or other work related upper limb disorders. 

DSE Risk Assessor Training 

We can provide high quality training enabling you to have your own team of DSE Risk Assessors. Our IEHF Recognised DSE Risk Assessor course is run as an open-scheduled course in Peterborough, or can be held in-house at your premises. As well as a comprehensive course manual and forms to use, our training comes with 12 months e-mail and phone mentoring. 

Who should attend? 

What we have found is that accredited courses, especially those that include exams, do not always allow for exploring new or alternative methods for complying with risk based regulations. So, our Masterclasses, led by very experienced practitioners, take you on a journey of understanding that can often result in radically simplified assessments or, in some cases, the realisation that you don’t even need to do them! 

Why you should attend 

Maybe you just feel that you have created too much paper work; maybe you are having trouble completing the assessments or understanding when they are finished; maybe you are just not sure if you are up to date and need to be reassured about best practice; maybe you would like to know what other people are doing. 

What you will learn 

A re-examination of the basic legal requirements of ‘risk assessment’ 
What is DSE now? 
Is it just a desktop or laptop? 
What is missing from the traditional process? 
The HSE versus the insurers view on risk assessment 
Consider alternative approaches to assessments and learn how to make all assessments objective instead of subjective 
Do we need to do anything for hot desking, peripatetic and home working? 
Have you considered those with special needs including new and expectant mothers? 
We all know what is meant by ‘good posture’ but how do we persuade staff? 
A look at examples carried out by experienced safety practitioners and consideration of some case studies 
Assessment of competence. 


Case study and practical assessment. 




10th May, 2016 
21st September, 2016 

What does it cost? 

£249 per person (+ VAT) 

What's included? 

Refreshments, certificate, course notes, a memory stick with all the resources you need, 
telephone and e-mail support for 12 month. 

Course duration 

1 day 

Contact Us 

Please contact us regarding our DSE Risk Assessment Course. 

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