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Health & Safety Policies 

At RSP we believe a health and safety policy should be an instruction manual that enables you to manage all of the elements of health and safety; it should provide you with clear instructions and steps on how to do things without having to refer to complicated regulations. 
We can create you a policy as a one-off job, or incorporate it into your support services package. 
Our comprehensive health and safety policy is now available to buy on-line - once your payment is received, we will supply a policy in Microsoft Word for you to amend to your own needs. 
This policy will come in three parts: 
The Company Health and Safety Policy Statement (just sign and date); 
The Organisation and Responsibilities for Managing Health and Safety (just add names(s) of responsible person); and 
The Arrangements for Managing Health and Safety Risks. 
In addition, you will also receive a suite of 40+ comprehensive Guides to key matters of health and safety, such as; accident reporting, pregnant workers and control of contractors (which are regularly updated and reviewed). Here is an example of the guidance documents you will receive (first aid guidance)

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