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Health & Safety Advisory Service 

We have a variety of options to suit all industries and budgets, from a health and safety telephone advice line to a full health and safety manager package, or just a one-off specialist job. 
All organisations are required by law to have access to or to appoint a competent person(s). An appointed competent person may either be an internal (trained) employee, an external advisor, or a combination of both. 
Depending on the nature and size of your business, will depend on which route you take in appointing a competent person - we have many clients who are sole-traders, and also large clients who have internal safety advisors, but also employ us to back them up when needed. 

Retained Competent Person & Advisory Service 

What will you get? 
Competent Advisor 
RSP Safety will fulfil the role of ‘competent advisor’ for health and safety to enable you to meet the requirements of Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. 
Use of RSP Safety Services Ltd Name 
You will be able to name RSP Safety as your advisor in your Health and Safety Policy and in all other relevant documents such as tenders; RSP Safety will provide you with a certificate stating that we are the retained Competent Person and Advisors for Health and Safety at Work. 
Email Advice and Support 
We offer unlimited e-mail advice from our Safety Consultants. We will respond to emails within 24 hours (upgradeable to include telephone support with a 4 hour response guaranteed). We will provide guidance material as necessary in response to enquiries. 
Telephone Advice 
Telephone advice from our Safety Consultants between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Out of hours calls are handled by a dedicated answering service which is monitored by our duty consultant. 
RSP Safety will send out a regular bulletin with all the latest legislation, health and safety news, reports, changes to regulations, case law and prosecutions straight to your in box, as well as anything that would have a direct impact on your organisation. 

Contact Us 

Please contact us regarding our Advisory Service. 

Do you need a Health & Safety policy too? 

This policy will come in three parts: 
The Company Health and Safety Policy Statement (just sign and date) 
The Organisation and Responsibilities for Managing Health and Safety (just add name(s) of responsible person) 
The Arrangements for Managing Health and Safety Risks 
In addition, you will also receive a suite of 40+ comprehensive Guides to key matters of health and safety such as accident reporting, pregnant workers and control of contractors (which are regularly updated and reviewed).  
You will receive your policy within 24 hours if ordered Monday - Thursday. Please allow 3 days if you are ordering between Friday and Sunday.