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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments 

Fire Risk Assessments 
What does the law say? 
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that an employer or controller of premises (the ‘responsible person’) manages the risk to employees and visitors etc from fire. This Order is enforced by the Fire and Rescue Service, although the HSE also deal with specific risks associated with fire and/or specialist areas such as chemical and construction sites. Local authorities may be the enforcing authority for some premises, such as; sports grounds or places of entertainment. 
The most important duty is to ensure that a suitable fire risk assessment is carried out by a competent person. In some low risk environments this can be completed in-house but it must be carried out by following the relevant guidance document. Where there are 5 or more employees it must be recorded. For more complex environments it is advisable to seek specialist advice. 
Fire prevention systems must be put in place and these can take the form of equipment, maintenance of equipment, training and site rules. 
We can carry out an assessment for you! 
RSP Safety Services can help your business comply with this legislation. We can undertake your fire risk assessments for you and provide other, related services, such as PAT testing and Fire Warden training. 
To ensure you receive maximum value for money we have a scale of charges relating to the size of your property and complexity of risk. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 
What is a 'competent person'? 
The fire risk assessors register has been introduced by the IFSM (The Institute of Fire Safety Managers) to help those who have been designated as ‘responsible persons’ under the legislation, as well as employers, building owners, building managers to confirm that those who are on our register are; in the opinion of the Institute appropriately skilled fire risk assessors. 
At RSP Safety, Ray has been formally entered onto an externally accredited register of Fire Risk Assessors following his successful application. If you are appointing an external Fire Safety Consultant or Assessor – always check their credentials and that they are deemed competent to provide this service to you. 
Fire Risk Assessment Training 
Would you like to carry out your own fire risk assessments? 
RSP Safety are now accredited to run the CIEH Level 3 Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Control training course. 
This Ofqual accredited course will enable you to: 
Conduct a fire safety checklist 
Conduct a fire risk assessment in a low- or normal-risk premises 
Organise and implement a fire risk assessment programme or contribute to an existing programme 
Participate in the identification of specific fire safety training needs 
Assist your employer in meeting legal requirements and promote improved standards of fire safety 
Self-evaluate your knowledge and skills, and to seek help where necessary 
See our course outline for more information, and our course schedule for up coming courses. 
Fire Safety Training 
Fire Safety Training is an absolute requirement and must take place on employment, whenever a new risk is introduced and repeated periodically. In addition, the responsible person must appoint safety assistants (fire marshals or fire wardens) to assist them in taking preventative and protective measures and those persons must be provided with suitable fire warden training to enable them to carry out their duties. 
We hold regular fire safety and fire warden training in Peterborough, and we can also come to your premises to train your staff in fire extinguisher and fire warden/marshal training, with a 'live' fire for the practical. 
If you would prefer an online fire training solution for Fire Safety Awareness, we can offer that too. View Online Fire Training 

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