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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 

Environmental Management 
When talking about Environmental Law or Management, several things spring to mind: 
Resource Conservation 
Sustainable Development 
Protection of Forests and Lakes  
Human Impact  
This is because environmental law is a complex subject, and operates from many laws, which regulate the way we live our lives. 
Environmental Management is not the management of the environment, but the management of the impact and interaction of human society on the environment. The aim of environmental resource management is to protect and maintain the ecosystem for use by future human generations. 
As with all management functions, effective management tools, standards and systems are required. An environmental management system attempts to reduce environmental impact as measured by objective criteria. The ISO 14001 standard is the most widely used standard for environmental risk management and is closely aligned to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). As a common auditing standard, the ISO 19011 standard explains how to combine this with quality management. 
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System 
We can assist with the implementation of a management system to meet the requirements of the British Standard ISO 14001, including ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements, identification of aspects and impacts, establishing of controls, policy and procedure development, compliance auditing, internal auditing and ongoing support. 
The aim is to provide an integrated and sustainable solution that is bespoke to the needs of an organisation while working to the philosophy of keeping things simple and building on any existing systems. 
Benefits of having ISO 14001 
Ensures compliance with environmental legislation. 
Cost effective – looks at reducing utility bills and waste streams. 
Higher control of risk and better planning. 
Builds awareness of environmental concern amongst employees. 
Improved corporate image with customers and the public. 
Reduce environmental liability. 
Where applicable compliance with Permits/Authorisations. 
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