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When you want to be absolutely sure that all your health and safety risk assessments are completed - forever! From general to specific - we can do them all - or we can train you to do it in-house. Health and Safety Audits to suit your industry and budget. 
At RSP we believe a health and safety policy should be an instruction manual that enables you to manage all the elements of health and safety; it should provide you with clear instructions and steps on how to do things without having to refer to complicated regulations. 
All organisations are required by law to have access to or to appoint a competent person. We will fulfil the role of ‘competent advisor’ for health and safety to enable you to meet the requirements of Regulation 7. 
The HSE estimate that there are around 1,700 new cases of occupational asthma per year caused by the inhalation of chemical vapours, powder, dust etc. We can come and carry out dust risk assessments and fume risk assessments - produce a report and advise on cost-effective improvements. 
The aim of an environmental management system is to protect and maintain our ecosystem for use by future human generations. ISO 14001 is the most widely used standard for environmental risk management. We can assist with audits and implementing a system to ensure compliance. 
In October 2006 the law changed - there is no such thing as a fire safety certificate - you are required by law (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) to have a fire risk assessment carried out on your building, maintain a fire management plan, and train and appoint fire marshals or wardens. 
The moving of loads by physical force, whether they are boxes, people, trolleys, animals or any other object can cause acute injuries and chronic ill health to people. A manual handling risk assessment must be carried out and suitable training provided to staff. We can come to your premises to carry out a manual handling risk assessment, or train your staff to do it in-house. 
All staff who use a computer for work must have their workstation assessed to ensure that they are not injured or made unwell by their work or equipment. We can come to your premises to carry out a DES risk assessment, or train your staff to do it in-house. We also work with Posturite to provide an on-line DSE training and assessment programme. 
Excessive noise at work can lead to noise induced hearing loss. There is currently no cure for this chronic condition. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are not exposed to levels of noise that may cause damage. We can come and carry out a noise risk assessment - produce a report and advise on cost-effective improvements. 

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